02.29.12 /19:27/ 20

I’ve met the peak, I found you baby

I love you

If we speak in ifs and maybes 

I love you

And if the words don’t come out right, if I say them in my head and we fight, they’re nothing loud and nothing pround, I love you I love you I love you.

Scream it in silence, staring at your face. 

Oh, I love you. 

It’s a party only when the floor is snow. It’s a party all right, all night, don’t fight the music or the sparkle of winter. It will find you in your bones. 
01.17.12 /20:10
Lace gripping her thighs like teasing black fingernails. Marking on her skin, covering and exposing flesh at the same time. Twisted patterns of beauty trailing up and down her legs like sunlight piercing the ground through sparse, cold clouds. 
And she got up and kept the party rolling, keeping her mysteries to herself. 
01.17.12 /19:05

Oh hey there, I have a private tumblr. Message me for the password. 

Essentially it is a tips and tricks cornucopia that YOU can add things to. And general discussion that I wouldn’t want little eyes to stumble upon. 

So message me with your intentions and I will give you the password.


Canvas  by  andbamnan